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We are delighted to have provided a professional rigging service on the following film and television productions...

Restoration Firelight Elizabeth Felicia's Journey Mission Impossible II Gangster No.1 Iris Mortal Kombat II Captain Corelli's Mandolin Once upon a Time in the Midlands xXx The Heart of Me Love Actually

Kingdom of Heaven Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Chromophobia Brothers Grimm Life & Death of Peter Sellers Doom Night and Day Casino Royale Sunshine Death Defying Acts Wanted Fly Boys The Other Boleyn

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Quantum of Solace Nine Hippie, Hippie Shake Your Highness Game of Thrones

10th Kingdom

Night Flight

My Uncle Silas


Chandler & Co

Fungus the Bogeyman

Soldier Soldier

Poirot Thief Takers

Real Men

Robot Wars I, II, III, IV



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